Most people associate tourism with leisure activities. However, many people travel to listen to lectures, participate in events, trade fairs, symposiums, conferences or business meetings.


There is nothing better than arriving in a new city and getting help with absolutely everything, like safe transportation, an accommodating reception, communication and assistance in your own language, complete scheduling, precise information for specific situations, etc.


If you are a high-profile executive of a local or international company and receive international visitors, SPin Brazil Tours offers any time of personalized advice to receive and accompany your visitor, including:

  • Multilingual welcome reception with specialized guides
  • High-quality transportation (including private jets, armored vehicles, yachts, etc.) for short or long periods
  • Safe, private strategic planning with qualified bilingual professionals

We accompany your guest from the moment he or she arrives in the city with efficient, bilingual communication, and safe, appropriate transportation from the airport to the address established beforehand by your company, with the purpose of managing the schedule according to the work agenda. If necessary, we also provide exclusive, personalized assistance according to the demands, requests or style of the guest.

Our purpose is to work in synch with the corporate client, acting as its interface, or even a problem manager, within the routine of the Brazilian client that receives them, interacting and working directly with the international visitor or expatriate.

On weekends, when it isn't possible for a professional from your company to receive and accompany the visitor directly, SPin Brazil Tours designs and produces exclusive itineraries for the business executive, either alone or with company, allowing him or her to relax, get to know the rhythm of the city a little, focus on their own personal tastes, go shopping, have fun, or otherwise take advantage of some free time.

Privacy, safe planning, confidentiality, and teamwork are the assumptions that allow local and international companies receive their visitors in fine style, feel valued by their employees, reinforce their corporate image and transmit a positive feeling about Brazil.



SPin Brazil Tours really believes business and tourism are inter-related.

We encourage travelers and business professionals to explore the attractions of the destination they are traveling to, be it by attending a presentation, participating in a conference or trade fair, an important business meeting or even if they are returning to manage investments in the country.

By exploring the context of the city that you visit, you can expand your horizons beyond the culture, lifestyle, local habits and customs of its inhabitants. It is a unique opportunity to discover the profile of its local consumers, competitors, the market itself and consequently, it can generate new insights and sharpen perceptions. The geographical, economic and historical-cultural understanding that you acquire will pay dividends when you interact and do business successfully in a country with a culture different from your own.



Learn what type of highly specialized services we can offer, so you have excellent help and save time.

  • Translating and interpreting in various languages
  • Personalized trilingual assistance
  • Virtual administrative assistance
  • Private transportation in upscale vehicles
  • Planning and executing intimate lunches and dinners
  • Managing and executing events, such as local technical inspections, setting up stands, promotional material, gifts, etc.
  • Recruiting and choosing temporary services (receptionists, etc.)
  • Technical visits related to the industry of the company

SPin Brazil Tours can also help create and execute unique events that bring together tourism, entertainment, food and fun for your international guests, managing the entire process, from studying the location and atmosphere to the final execution to make the event unforgettable.



If you are coming to São Paulo to determine how to expand your business into the Brazilian market, our team of professionals can help you with practical resources and advice, allowing you to:

  • Find the best and most affordable locations to set up your offices
  • Chose, interview and hire local professionals, both talented and competent to be a part of your team of professionals
  • Contact and find partners and specialized and dependable suppliers
  • Understand and familiarize yourself with the business environment in Brazil and its competitors
  • Have efficient advice in realizing operating activities, from the initial project to deploying your business.

Special note: A good example of a specialized visit is the tour focused on today's Brazilian economy, which allows the business professional to observe and experience the lifestyle, behavior, changes and aspirations of the emerging middle class in cities in various regions of the country.



Moving to a different city always requires planning, preparation and flexibility. The process of adaptation, which involves intercultural training with geographical and historical-cultural understanding, learning new habits and another language, among other things, can be smooth and quick, if the expatriate has adequate assistance with a focus on practical results.

Considering these aspects, SPin Brazil Tours offers:

  • Searching for an adequate property for you, and school for your children
  • Maintaining a residential property
  • Geographic and cultural knowledge about the surroundings where your family will live
  • Contacts within the expatriate community and social clubs for foreigners, etc.

Our multilingual team of professionals knows the city of São Paulo from all perspectives. We know the needs of high quality service that involves logical planning from the minute the expatriate arrives in the city.

We help the family understand the intricacies of the city to feel welcome and safe in the metropolis.

SPin Brazil Tours turns the city of São Paulo into your new home.